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Auto Fraud

Unfortunately, purchasing or leasing a car is a negative experience for many consumers. I have handled many cases against car dealerships for deceptive practices and violations of the California Automobile Sales Finance Act.

TIP: If a problem arises after a sale, keep all communications with the dealership in writing. Avoid going to the dealership to discuss the situation.

TIP: You do not have to sign a second purchase contract. Often, dealers ask you to come down to the dealership to sign another contract. You may be told that the reason the second contract is needed is because of a mistake on the first contract. Often the real reason for the second contract is because the dealer cannot find a finance company who will accept the first contract. You should ask the dealer to fax or mail you a contract so that you can read it at home. Your best decisions are made at home, not at the dealership.

TIP: Service contracts (sometimes called “extended warranties”) are rarely worth buying. The contracts are often provided by unknown companies in distant states who do not back up their promises. Most service contracts are full of fine print which allow the seller to avoid making repairs.

You can get a full refund of the money you paid for your service contract if you request it in writing within the first 60 days (new vehicles) or 30 days (used vehicle). After 60/30 days, you can get a partial refund. Follow the directions on the service contract document to cancel.

Successful Case Result

My client bought a new car from Concord Toyota with 59 miles on the odometer. Months later, she happened to look in the glove compartment and found a Concord Toyota document which indicated that at some point the car had been for sale with 3652 miles. When she confronted Concord Toyota, they denied any wrongdoing. It was later discovered that Concord Toyota had installed a new odometer with zero miles just before selling it to my client. We successfully brought an action for odometer fraud.

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