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I have represented several mortgage holders who have experienced nightmares in dealing with mortage companies — including Ocwen, Bank of America, Chase, SPS, Nationstar, and others.

These cases often involve situations where the mortage companies are attempting to collect more money than is due under the mortage, and refuse to correct the problem after multiple requests by the consumer.

In some case, mortage companies grant mortgage modifications, then refuse to recognize them. Rather than recognize and implement the modification that the mortagage company just entered into, the companies instead demand payments in an amount more than required under the modification and threaten foreclosure if the payments are not made. Quite often the mortage companies even refuse to accept the consumers’ payments.

The largest banks seem incapable of correcting even the simplest of errors, and as a result the consumer is dragged through months or years of frustration.

I have also represented consumers who lost their homes to foreclosure, and afterwards were contacted by the foreclosing mortgage companies demanding more money. In many cases, this is illegal.

If you are experiencing a mortgage nightmare, feel free to give me a call to discuss whether I can help you.

Successful Case Result

My clients entered into a loan modification. The mortgage was transferred to Nationstar Mortgage, which failed to correctly enter the modification into its system. Nationstar refused to fix the problem despite numerous disputes, and began foreclosure. Nationstar refused to fix the problem until my clients filed a lawsuit. The case settled with a payment of $250,000 to my clients.

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